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Ally CRM Software - Brand Extension Announcement from Scherrer Resources

The Ally CRM software products are now known collectively as Ally CRM

March 1, 2016

Our corporate group has re-branded and from this date forward will be known as Ally CRM, an umbrella brand name which supplements the individual vertical Ally-branded CRM products. Part of this change includes modernizing our core brands to reflect their growth.

Why the change?

We have put in place the new brand structure to bring together the best of the entire Ally CRM family and to capitalize on the diversity of opportunities within professional CRM software tools that lie outside the remit of our original, core brands.

Jim Scherrer, CEO of Scherrer Resources, Inc. parent of the Ally brand, believes that the updated corporate identity provides the company with a structure that reflects our strong brand identity to date and potential growth of our Ally CRM brands in the future.

"Our Ally CRM brands have reached a solid size and market reputation, so we felt now was the right time to create a new brand structure to consolidate our Ally CRM brands under one umbrella and maximize the opportunities available within professional CRM deployments globally. In some markets Broker's Ally is more well know, while Sales Ally, Web Ally and Advisor's Ally are recognized by more people and we want to reflect that growth, diversification and mission with a new corporate group name that represents our brands equally," he said.

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As a client, what does this mean for me?

Ally CRM retains the core brands of Broker's Ally, Sales Ally, Recruiter's Ally, Web Ally and Advisor's Ally with no operational change. The brands operate within the framework of Ally CRM and have been brought up to date with a style overhaul that aligns them closely with the new group branding of Ally

We have rationalized our operations in the CRM software space by introducing Ally CRM. This brand will provide a range of CRM, SFA and contact management solutions for organizations looking for leading-edge CRM for SaaS, client/server, team or single-unit installations on notebooks and tablets.

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Our strategy remains unchanged.

Our strategy at Scherrer Resources, Inc. is unchanged and geared for the long-term. We will continue our organic growth by region and vertical market discipline with an ongoing focus on CRM growth markets. We will also continue to benefit from using our home-grown management expertise and a structure that champions customer satisfaction and CRM leadership.

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Ally CRM Moving Forward – Your Partner for Success!

The demand for CRM software continues and Ally CRM delivers quality software in all markets as we enter our 3rd decade of designing and developing superior CRM tools. We’ve broadened and deepened our CRM offerings to keep pace with client requests and expectations. Here, below, is a quick overview followed by a web site address for more details.

Broker’s Ally- The leading contact management and portfolio reporting software for registered representatives and their teams, now in version 9. Complete features for the advisor, planner and brokerage assistant. See for upgrades.

Advisor’s Ally- A robust practice management software solution for fee-based advisors for work groups of two or more members. Advisor’s Ally is designed for relationship management excellence in a high-net-worth client management environment. See to order.

Web Ally- This is a popular and robust SaaS, web-server-hosted CRM platform for anywhere, anytime access to important client and prospect details on the web. See for an online demonstration. Designed for either the hosted or the on-premise deployment option as “self-hosted”.

Sales Ally- The 1st award-winning sales contact management software for high powered sales professionals and their teams. Now in version 6, Sales Ally provides deep features for broad based, high volume sales support. See for details.

Recruiter’s Ally- A complete recruiting and transition management, On-Demand platform for HR teams interested in using their web browser to handle recruiting workflow and on-boarding.

We’ve delivered CRM software to the largest companies in the world and yet we’ve never forgotten that our tools serve relationship managers, one person at a time. For rapid response, contact:

Scherrer Resources, Inc. 140 Arrandale Blvd, Ally CRM Tech Center, Exton, PA 19341 USA 484-875-1700

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