Our Customers

From ADP to Ziegler, Scherrer Resources, Inc. provides information technology solutions to more than 500 of the world's leading corporations, including many of today's most influential and innovative organizations. Not surprisingly, our clients have recognized our application software and e-services as a strategic component of their overall business strategy – and have turned to Scherrer Resources, Inc. to help them deploy high-profile client management offerings. Spanning the complete spectrum of international sales organizations as well as those in the investment services industry – from retail broker/dealers, clearing firms, to bank holding companies – our customer-base looks to Scherrer's proven solutions as a means to:

  • Strengthen relationships with their most valued customers
  • Generate additional revenue opportunities
  • Gain competitive advantage in today's fierce and fast-moving investment market

Case Studies

Novartis’ Ciba Vision

A Sales Division of Novartis and their Ciba-Geigy specialized Vision Unit

Ally Software National Installation and Case Study

Novartis was formed by the 1996 merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz; thus merging their life, agricultural and chemical product industries. The Ciba Vision Unit, a subsidiary of Novartis, specializes in eye care and diagnostic products. To bolster sales, Ciba Vision sought to find a reliable and robust customer relationship management (CRM) and sales reporting software tool, researched several vendors, and selected Sales Ally because it best fit their demanding requirements. Ciba Vision installed Sales Ally for their nation-wide sales force, and this case study describes its use and success formula.

Ciba Retina, the eye retina specialty group of Ciba Vision, operates a sales and services group to facilitate purchase of its retina diagnostic and eye care product line for their clients.

“Sales Ally was analyzed top to bottom and we selected it to help provide better service to our clients and our national sales force.” Brian McGinty, Manager Retina Group

Ciba Vision Services

Ciba Vision utilizes a contemporary notebook-toting national sales force, with each representative carrying a field computer that stores pertinent information about sales leads, prospects and customers. The front office Sales Ally software and services from Scherrer Resources provided their team with a relational database for storing and retrieving client relationship management (CRM) and retinal product profiling.

Information Technology Support

The Ciba Vision sales notebook computer was configured specifically for use by their sales staff. Sales Ally was selected and installed to provide team management of customer information and consistent management of client relationships by the sales team and the post-sale support staff. Sales Ally was configured especially for Ciba Vision to include field database management, rollup and synchronization, to import prospect databases from their corporate data files, and for customer prospecting and specialized correspondence.

The Ciba Vision CRM System gives sales representatives, national account managers, and their support personnel the skills and tools they need to effectively sell their vision products. This system helps them find new clients, identify their needs, and sell them the benefits of a broad range of retina health care products.

Improving Account Management

Ciba Vision is able to consistently meet its goals of expanding its client base and franchise. For more information on Ciba Vision and its investment services, feel free to visit their web site at

Sales Ally- Part of the Team

The people at Scherrer Resources, Inc. joined their team and worked closely with Ciba Vision to install Sales Ally to fit within their national sales force environment. Sales Ally comes with complete up-to-date user manuals and training documentation and software maintenance assurance through Scherrer Resources, Inc.